UAE Hobbyists ‘Sew’ Hope For African Orphanage

Published:  August 08, 2018 16:00

By: Zenifer Khaleel, Special to XPRESS

Orignial article:

Abu Dhabi: The ladies of Rags to Riches UAE have been busy for the last two weeks, sewing clothes for Smile Africa Children’s Home and School in Uganda.

An offshoot of Rags to Riches Dubai, the Abu Dhabi branch has contributed 92 clothing items including crocheted blankets towards this mission.

Mission Uganda

Rags to Riches Abu Dhabi was formed last March when Dubai resident, Karen Rowland Jones moved to Abu Dhabi. They joined forces with the Dubai team to sew Eid clothes for the Tawakkul Muslimah Foundation in South Africa (pictured below).

Recently the team was approached by Carla El Maalouf, whose mother is building a school block for the orphanage in Uganda. Carla and her sons will be staying at the orphanage and helping her out. “We thought it would be nice if the children had some new clothes when they attend their new school,” said Carla.

“When we received the request (from Carla) we took to our trusty machines and everyone sewed whatever they could,” said Fahmida Seitz, the social media coordinator of Rags to Riches.

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