Meet The team

Meet the people behind Sew Bee-Cause.

Ceri Rocca

Co-Founder - Sew Bee-Cause

Ceri grew up in the North East of England in a large ‘Geordie’ family and first learnt to use a sewing machine from her Grandmother as a child.

Ceri has always been a creative person and her love of art and design led her to gain a degree in 3-Dimensional Design majoring in Interior Design. Ceri ran her own design business and travelled the world for her design projects over the years.

When the family relocated to Dubai in 2016 she decided to pack away her drawing board. 

 Not one to be idle, however, she set about trying to find an outlet for her creativity and that’s when she discovered Rags to Riches UAE and reignited her love of sewing and helping others.

Fahmida Seitz

Co-Founder - Sew Bee-Cause

Transitioning from the corporate world to social entrepreneurship, Fahmida, armed with a degree in Digital Technology, Design, and Innovation, found her calling through a life-changing Facebook post. Together with like-minded individuals, she began sewing children’s clothing for refugee and orphaned children, sparking the inception of Sew Bee-Cause.

As the co-founder, Fahmida, alongside her partner Ceri, leads Sew Bee-Cause’s mission to empower women and children through upcycled fabrics and resources. Their vision encompasses a world where every child has access to sustainable clothing and women are afforded proper menstrual hygiene.

From corporate confines to social impact, Fahmida’s journey embodies resilience, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of positive change. Join her in weaving a tapestry of hope and empowerment, one stitch at a time.

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Thanks to Nada Dadoush, who collects and distributes items for For Syria, who very kindly delivered our items, so lovingly made to this refugee camp in Bekaa Valley in Beirut.

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