Angel Wings Day At The Hive

Today was all about Angel Wings (our reusable sanitary wear). We had the most wonderful production line running, from the cutting of the fabric to the sewing of our newly improved product following user feedback.

It was fantastic to have so many bees here, both experienced and new-bees and all were absolutely buzzing.

The team were also churning out the beautiful pouches that we package our kits into and passing them down the line to the packers who were putting together the pads & underwear and bars of soap to complete the kits.

All in all we put together 164 kits and only stopped there as we had run out of underwear, but there are many more pads that were created & will be put into kits as soon as we have the necessary underwear.

60 of these kits will be heading out to Kenya next week to help make the lives of young ladies a little easier.

It was a truly heart warming day. It’s always such a pleasure to watch our hive grow & the Rags to Riches love expand.

Thank you all for your continued support and hard work.

Best wishes,


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