Sewing Patterns

These patterns are valuable resources we use to craft clothing, reusable sanitary towels, and quilts for underprivileged children worldwide.

You are welcome to download and utilize them for sewing purposes in support of Rags To Riches. It’s essential to understand though, that these patterns are not meant for commercial use. They align with the compassionate ethos of Rags to Riches, aiming to assist those in need.

Some of these patterns are official Rags To Riches patterns, some have been crafted by our team members, while others have been curated from online sources sharing a similar commitment to making a positive impact. We kindly request that you employ them with responsibility and in alignment with our mission.


Girls and Boys Tops

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Shorts & Pants

Unisex shorts and Pants

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Girls Dresses

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Angel Wings

Rags To Riches Angel Wings (re-usable sanitary towels)

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Quilts for use in orphanages and hospitals

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Size Charts

Size Charts and Guidelines

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